About Us

A world of infinite possibilities with Unique Travel International.

Travelling has been our passion since childhood. We love exploring new places, people, and cultures.

But what we enjoy most is finding unique hotels. We have travelled a vast portion of the world, only including 5* luxury hotels and lodges that have made a big impression on us. We repeatedly come back to our favourite destinations to check the quality of the hotels we recommend. We work hard to get to know each international partner personally, which is a key factor in preparing the perfect holiday. Planning takes time; we therefore recommend a personal meeting in our Prague office to plan everything down to the smallest detail, over a gourmet cup of coffee or fragrant cup of tea. We will be happy to share our experiences and photos from our trips with you, so that you can see that we really know our hotels. We would never offer you something we have not tried ourselves.

Please always arrange a meeting in advance. If you live far away from us, we will be happy to sort out everything over the phone.