Basic information

Mozambique is about golden sandy beaches, pristine marine reservations, and unique hotels on wonderful secluded islands. Luxury, privacy, gorgeous beaches, and warm weather year-round make Mozambique a great choice for a dream vacation with no worries. Warm currents provide a perfect environment for marine life, tempting tourists from all over the world. Majestic coral reefs stretch over 2,515 kilometres along the Indian Ocean coast. In addition to scuba-diving, there are various other activities: snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, and sailing, as well as trips on the traditional dhow ships. Mozambique is undoubtedly a tropical paradise with a generous number of picturesque beaches and small islands, ideal for romantic picnics. The perfect vacation where you can put your shoes, phones, and watches away and let yourself be pampered, because – without too much exaggeration – here time has stopped.

Weather and location

Mozambique is a great year-round destination. Coastal areas have a warm, tropical climate with average temperatures reaching 25–30 °C. The main season lasts from June to October. Colder evenings and occasional rain showers occur from December to March. The water is pleasantly warm, 25–29 °C throughout the year.

Recommended hotels