Basic Information

A unique safari that will make your dreams come true. Tanzania boasts some of the finest national parks in the world. It is home to the vast Serengeti plains, one of the world’s most famous protected areas; Ngorongoro Crater where the black rhinoceroses live; Tarangire Park with massive herds of elephants; as well as Lake Manyara with its beautiful scenery. Every year, majestic Mount Kilimanjaro attracts adventurers from all over the world to climb to its summit of Uhuru (5,895 m asl). All the parks in the north have their special charm. Enjoy a sky full of stars, fabulous baobabs that can live a thousand years, and the Great Migration, during which hundreds of thousands of animals migrate in search for food between Kenya and Tanzania. Selous Game Reserve offers wild nature ideal for a safari on foot. The natural wealth within arm’s reach will accompany you from start to finish. After several days of a safari, we recommend having a rest by the sea. Zanzibar is a 45-minute flight away. A land of natural beauty, stunning wildlife, and archaeological sites. News of a startling discovery in 1967 spread around the world – tanzanite, the rare gemstone that was discovered during a storm by local Maasai herders. Tiffany & Co. made the gemstone famous all over the world, and began to produce jewellery from it in extraordinary demand.

Weather and Location

Tanzania has a tropical climate influenced by the altitude. Temperatures are low at night and in the morning, but rise to 30 °C during the day. During the year there are short rain spells from November to December and long-lasting rains from mid-March to May. The warmest period is from October to February.

Recommended lodges