South Africa

Basic information

The Republic of South Africa will enchant every traveller. You can look forward to safaris, world-famous vineyards, whale watching and even shark cage diving. We recommend starting your vacation in Cape Town, generally recognised as the greatest tourist destination in the country. It is the home of Table Mountain, golden beaches, rich vineyards, and a sufficient number of world-class golf courses. The city will captivate you with its cultural heritage as well as delicious cuisine. The local population is very diverse, from native Africans to descendants of the pioneering Dutch colonists to Jewish immigrants from Europe. Enjoy one of the most beautiful seaside scenic trips – to Cape Point. You will arrive at the Cape of Good Hope, part of Cape Point Nature Reserve, where baboons, ostriches, zebras, antelope, and 250 species of birds roam freely. In 1488, Portuguese mariner Bartolomeu Dias was the first European to round the Cape of Good Hope; he later perished there in a severe storm during his next expedition to India. On the way back, you surely do not want to miss Boulders Beach, where you can observe colonies of penguins. Wine connoisseurs will seek the Cape Winelands region, only an hour’s drive from Cape Town. The first wine was produced in this area already in 1659. The region is ideal for grape production thanks to its Mediterranean climate. A unique adventure awaits everyone on board a luxurious, historical train across South Africa. There are several routes you can take, the most popular leading to all the way to Victoria Falls.

Weather and location

It’s hard to say which month is ideal for your visit. The best time depends on where you are heading and what you plan to see. It is possible to travel all year round thanks to the varied regional climates. Cape Town is best visited during the summer, i.e., from December to February, when temperatures are around 21 °C. We also recommend autumn – from April to the end of May. Whales can be watched from July to November, while safaris are best from May to September when the animals gather by the water due to severe droughts.