Basic information

Oman is a wonderful country at the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, blending beautiful culture, endless deserts, majestic mountains, unspoilt beaches, and last but not least, delicious cuisine. It is distinguished from other countries in the area by its unique, exotic atmosphere, and it is also the oldest state on the peninsula. Its capital, Muscat, has been an important trading port for centuries. Worth mentioning is definitely Mutrah Souq, one of the oldest markets on the Arabian Peninsula. History buffs should not miss visiting the Bait Al Zubair national museum. World-class performances can be seen at the gorgeous Muscat Royal Opera House. The perfect way to diversify your stay can be a trip to the region around Nizwa, with ancient architecture as well as breath-taking nature. Nizwa, known as “The Pearl of Islam”, is one of the oldest cities in Oman and its former capital, once a shelter for scholars as well as powerful leaders. The rich history of this region can be seen to this day in the number of ancient fortresses, castles, and mosques. Deserts of the Arabian Peninsula are home to the endangered Arabian oryx – a white antelope which is Oman’s national animal. The culturally rich nation will delight every traveller. This, and much more, will be offered by the luxurious Oman, becoming more popular every day.

Weather and location

Due to Oman’s location, the best months to visit are March and April and then September and October, with hot, dry days with average temperatures around 26–34 °C. The weather gets colder between November and February, when there can be occasional rains. It is very hot in the summer; many hotels close their outdoor restaurants and bars.

Recommended hotels