Basic information

Thailand is called “The Land of Smiles” because you’ll find warm smiles in every corner of this kingdom that will accompany you during your holiday. People there are friendly and they seek harmony. There are forests, fields, caves, and waterfalls to the north of the country, while the south is known for its limestone cliffs that dramatically emerge from the turquoise sea. Thailand one of the few countries where you can experience gorgeous beaches (on one of its 1,400 islands), a rainforest, impressive monuments, and the hectic life of a capital city. Add delicious meals to the mix, and your next destination is clear. Thai gastronomy is famous worldwide; the meals rely on local fresh ingredients. Religious devotion is varied and ubiquitous, the shiny temples and golden statues of the Buddha adorn the rural and urban landscape. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonised by Europeans. The national flower is the orchid, with up to 1,500 species of this plant found in the wild, which makes Thailand the world’s largest exporter of orchids. There are so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered! Thailand is a destination you’ll quickly grow fond of, and to which you will be sure to return.

Weather and location

The high season generally starts in November and ends in March, when the climate is dry and slightly cooler, with temperatures up to 30 °C. The hottest months are April and May. Heavier rainfalls occur from May to October, but there is plenty of sunshine even on rainy days. But this largely depends on the location. It rains less in the north, where August is one of the driest months. Southern Thailand, especially the area around Koh Samui, is affected by the winter monsoon, which peaks in November and ends in February.

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