Basic information

Singapore is an island country comprising one main island and numerous smaller islands and islets. The enchanting blend of East and West within a flourishing, cosmopolitan city is really worth visiting. Almost six million people of various origins live here in harmony. Singapore has one of the most advanced economies in the world, a financial, business, and transportation hub of global importance. The country is known for having the highest-paid government officials in the world and no corruption, but also for its safety and cleanliness – it is therefore forbidden to bring in chewing gum and feed the pigeons here. Despite the island’s small size, you will not get bored. Culinary delicacies, various events, fantastic shopping, and one of the world’s top zoos will welcome you with open arms. Take a short trip to Sentosa Island, walk along the paradise of golden beaches, water parks, shops, and restaurants. You will meet the contemporary icon of the country, a statue of the mythical being, the Merlion, with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Singapore does not need to be just a stop on a journey to surrounding countries.

Weather and location

A tropical climate prevails in Singapore all year round. Due to the higher air humidity and higher temperatures of 27–32 °C, expect brief rains almost every day. Two monsoon seasons come during the year, the first from December to March, followed by another from June to September. Fortunately, the rain does not last more than half an hour, and a few drops will be welcome on hot days.

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