Asia is Earth’s largest continent, making up almost a third of all the land mass; and with more than 4.5 billion people, it is also the most populated. China and India are the most populous countries, with a combined population exceeding 2.9 billion. Religion plays an important role in the lives of the local people. Both Buddhism and Hinduism come from India and the religions gradually spread to other countries. Asia is divided from Europe by the Ural Mountains, while the Suez Canal separates it from Africa. The continent is washed by the Pacific, Indian, and Arctic oceans. Due to its vast size, there are wide temperature variations. Asia is also a continent of records, with the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest – as well as the lowest continental point, the bottom of the Dead Sea. Asia is a place of infinite opportunities. What you’ve only dreamt of, will become reality. Travellers from the world over are attracted by its monuments from the birth of human civilisation. Art and culture lovers will appreciate its ancient cities, numerous temples, palaces, and mosques. Asia is also the birthplace of yoga, tai chi, and shiatsu. An authentic massage or treatment in the local spa will be the best reward for you after a long day spent discovering. Asia is also home to a number of exotic animals and plants; you can, for instance, encounter wild elephants, tigers, pandas, orangutans, and many more. However, due to the expansion of cities and increasing pressure on agriculture, natural habitats are disappearing. So follow in the footsteps of ancient history with us; and don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, because you won’t be able to resist its white sand beaches and turquoise waters.